Monday, February 21, 2011

Where are you from?

Sometimes I really miss Chattanooga.

Not just the city itself (in particular the downtown art district), but the part where we lived there. 

And what I really hate is saying I'm from Chattanooga but knowing that my family doesn't live there anymore and I never have time to go back and visit. 
Then sometimes you have to clarify later and say actually, they live in Kentucky now. Which is fine, but the concept of "home" doesn't extend past our front door. 

Sometimes I miss having a real place to come home to.

I miss coming back after work and sitting out on the driveway wall playing "Moon River" on guitar.

I miss eating dinner with my family every night.

I miss being busy doing things like theatre, band, and church basketball and not feeling like I have to go to the gym.

I miss late nights sharing a room with my sister.

I miss living next door to the church.

I miss going to Girls Camp in the summer- hiding out in the freezer by day, sitting by the campfire by night. 

I miss having my best friends in my classes at school and church, and always having boys to have crushes on. 

I miss making CDs to get us through the early seminary mornings on the way to school. 
(And belting it out on the way home.)

I miss getting to come home to a clean house with a wood floor and big bedroom upstairs. 
And I miss living with these guys.

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