Saturday, March 10, 2012

Law School?

This weekend Father Dear sent me the following email:

Top 5 Reasons for You to Go to Law School
5. You are young, beautiful, and smart and now is the time of life to load up on education that your family can buy you to secure a high income and fulfilling future.
4. To acquire lawyering skills.
3. Your mother wants you to become like Chris Cuomo.
2. Your grandmother wants you to become like Megyn Kelly.
1. When people tick you off you can just sue 'em.
It's true that Monday I'm going to a meeting about life in the lovely JRCB. I'm going because it was pitched specifically for Women in Law School and because I get free lunch.
But mostly because it would make him happy.

I had never seriously considered it because of an exhaustive Mock Trial competition in high school, the difficulty of the LSAT prep book, and my non-cutthroat nature. I would have complimented Elle's fuzzy pen on the first day of class. 
But my father is a smart man, so I usually try to take his advice as far as I can.

College. What a babe. 

I can't even tell you how many things I love about this picture.
Like me, he didn't like to wear pants or fix his hair. 

And like me, excelled at thrifting and dressing like a grandmother.


After so much moderate watering and love?!??!??
I came home last night and it was dead. Like shriveled up raisin dead. There was no chance of revival.
You tell me what kind of a relationship metaphor I am supposed to draw out of this.

 Relief Sorority Sleepover.
There was so much nail polish I couldn't pick just one. Or two. Or three.
Hi, my name is Lauren Simpson and I am thirteen years old.


  1. You'd like law school. And you'd be good at it. If you go I'll buy you a fuzzy pink pen.