Saturday, May 26, 2012

I don't know why I didn't see this coming.

Because when I went to London, the same thing happened. I CREATED this blog just so I could share my adventures abroad with my domestically-based family. So the first weekend I posted some pictures. And after that, had to throw the whole thing out the window like it was a desktop computer from 1995. (Kidding. But we have one like that at work and I've contemplated it many times.)

THE POINT IS: normally, I enjoy blogging. I mean, I enjoy it profusely. I have conversations about Naomi and Natalie like they are actually people I know- and not just people with excessively well-dressed children whom I stalk via the internet. But.

When time is precious.
or at least, more constrained-
And one must choose between documenting the sweet details of life
or really living them-
I will always throw my lot in with the latter.

1 comment:

  1. I understand and support this, though it does make me a bit sad. I love stalking your life.

    Semi-related, I'm always a fan of DC and since I already have a bunch of friends down there and Michael Pugh is moving for an internship too, highly likely I'll be there sometime this summer. We should play.

    And if you ever want to come up to Boston, please feel free. We'd have a ball.