Sunday, September 16, 2012

Campin Honey

Camping in the woods without a tent was TOP of my Fall List of Things I Want To Do. We had been in the car for ten minutes and we were already excitedly planning the things we would do differently next time around. Like, such as,

1.) Pack appropriately. I quickly realized that it had been a long time since I had camped out in the desert. Don't get me wrong, I thought ahead; I had the non-essentials covered. Guitar? Camera? check and check.
Blanket? Sweatpants? Beanie and warm socks? Pillow? Sleeping bag pad? Toilet paper? Firewood? no to all of the above.

2.) Reassess the desirability of tinfoil dinners. Because my charred potatoes had the aftertaste of cancer.

3.) Find a Campin Honey. (This is also something I learned about ten minutes into the car ride.)

Campin Honey

1. A male with ability and the disposition to call you up at any hour and say "Let's go camping." Said companion enjoys doing manly things like chopping firewood, lighting fires, and setting up camp in general.

Syn: Boyfriend
(Ant: Nemesis)

I'm so glad Haylee brought Daniel II here tonight. What a campin honey he is in that flannel shirt.

Campin Shawty

1. A male with ability and disposition to call you up at any hour and say "Let's go camping." Said companion is not interested in an actual "relationship," but enjoys snuggling under the stars. Probably doesn't own a hatchet.

Syn: Booty call
(Ant: Annoying person from class who you have to see on a regular basis)

By the time we exited the vehicle, we agreed that having a campin shawty would not be a good idea.

We were worried there wouldn't be enough ground beef for all of us.

Easily the best picture of the entire trip.
 Dan won extra campin honey points for coming back the next morning. chopping more wood. 
and then taking us REPELLING!

 Also, we all found out how dramatic I can be when forced to walk backwards over the edge of a cliff.

Jess (cheerfully): Alright, here you go! Have fun- we'll see you later!
Me (interpreting this as a final goodbye): STOP IT DON'T SAY THAT. 
Come on, Lauren. Leap of faith.
Jess, Ally, Haylee: *silently exchange look*

Nothing more universally flattering than a harness.


It was high. 


  1. Take me with you next time!! That looks like lots of fun :)

  2. Hahaha!

    Love it.

    I'm guessing you made do with leaves?

    My rule about camping is that I will willingly go and camp anywhere as long as there is at least a port-o-potty. I can't even pee in the lake. It's a problem.

  3. I miss that time we went camping.