Friday, December 7, 2012

Awesome Things That Have Happened Lately

1.) So, first, there's the obvious.

You know that annoying newly engaged girl who doesn't just act like she's the first person to ever fall in love, but like she freakin' invented the institution of marriage??  Yes, that is me. I don't know anyone who has served in San Fernando before, so it's basically like I am opening mainland China. It's still so fresh. I will listen eagerly to your unsolicited mission advice for at least two hours.

2.) I have the best major ever. Not only are they, by definition, the most attractive people on campus– they are also the absolute nicest. This just gave me the warm fuzzies. LUV U SO MUCH, BROADCAST BABIEZZ!! I'll post more on you latah.

2.) Harassed my friend Audrey into singing an open mic night with me so I could not fail my guitar class. The entire Cullen family came out to support, which made us feel oh-so-loved. 
All my favorite vampires.

3.) My first 100 at the testing center. Perfect Score! it told me. chh. About time– I've waited four and a half years to read those words. THANKS, YOGA FINAL! You really came through for me there. [In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't take a picture; my posterity will never believe me.]

4.) The last Friday of classes, my roommates and I all stayed in and had a baby. I fed her milk and sang her Skinny LoveAKA the only song ever written with the word "suckle" in it. She waited to spit up until literally the second I handed her off to Shannon. atta girl, Lydia.  

5.) You know the running store by Macy's? 26.2? Yeah, not only do they give student discounts, they give them based on your GPA. Not just a promo deal, all the time. I got new running shoes [finally] for 25% off. You can't beat that, people. HOLLA for local business!!

6.) Temple Square. One of these photos is not like the others. See if you can spot the difference:

(a) pretty.

(b) pretty.

(c) pretty.
Oh wait, why is that demon voodoo doll hanging out on the top of the nativity? Were we out of stars, or what?!?

7.) USGA testimony meeting. No one excels like these guys at living the gospel while keepin it real. Many wonderful spiritual things were shared. But here was my favorite line of the night:
"I love you guys even more than Lana Del Ray." 

8.) That last post I wrote about the mission call finally surpassed in readership the post I wrote this summer about the Bachelorette. Seriously, what a relief that we all have our priorities in order. I feel like there's something wrong with me when everybody likes my dumb jokey posts more than [all two of] my touchy-feely ones.
But don't get me wrong...

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