Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Two Glorious Months of Unemployment

Or, "Everything Awesome That Happened Before Law School."

I went to Girls Camp where my sole job was to be an adult. This means I mostly avoided teenagers and read my book and took naps. I was so good at it.

This was the kind of thing I supervised.

The FARM. Because you know I'm all about that lake.

Also, because we like weird body things (who doesn't?) we found an ear pick and excitedly lined up to have our ear canals blasted with water. Disappointingly, only one person had ears worth writing home about but that person has made it exquisitely clear that they are to remain nameless.

PGA Championship. Not illegally taking photos at this event is my greatest regret of 2014. But we did happen to bump into Elder Bednar just off the 13th, so that was probably my reward for being so obedient. And Rory's still single SO... #thisismajor

Charlotte, NC. Drove out to visit a best friend from college before we both started grad school! Highlight of the trip was getting pranked by Angela's grandfather one morning at breakfast."Sorry I used up all the syrup!" he grinned from squinted eyes as he waved the empty bottle at me. Angela quickly pointed out that there was, in fact, more syrup in the pantry and he laughed like a card sharp in a movie. The sly fox.

It's a general rule that the fewer pictures I take, the more fun I'm having. Which is why I only have these three pictures to show for the entire trip.

Our friends got a Miniature English Bulldog puppy, which is like a living teddy bear but even better. Their wrinkly heads are so big, they run sideways instead of straight. I wish I had an entire calendar of just this dog.

Driving out to Utah. Getting locked outside of a McDonalds in Kansas amidst a megastorm that almost took us to Oz. DID YOU KNOW: In the event of an emergency lockdown, McDonalds can only serve cold food? Luckily, we're not above ice cream for dinner.

 Our van made some friends. 
Found out Megan didn't love Harry Potter and tried to cure her by fangirling hard with Tori the last two hours of the 25-hour drive. Now she wishes Voldemort could have just gotten him when he was a baby. Except then it would be the Neville Longbottom series?!??

Colorado. Still trying to convince my dad to move us there. Right after he takes us to New Zealand for Christmas.

Lindsay got married. Apparently when you get married you get a new kitchen for free and you get to go on a cool vacation afterwards? Does everyone know this??  I didn't.

I became the proud owner (mother) of a beautiful blue (ivy) Subaru crosstrek.

Moving back to Provo. Pretty sure my bedroom has less square footage than my parents' closet, but I HAVE MY OWN ROOM SO WHATEVER!

I am 24 years old and I'm back in Utah and my life is good.

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