Monday, September 7, 2015

2015 Summer Highlight Reel

Main squeeze is home
Have yet to stop squeezing.

Hair fits in ponytail nub for first time in 2.5 years
Intended to sew Swiss cross quilt for Annual Craft but resorted to copycat rooster watercolor instead.

Launch pod and Judgment circle
You don't have to be lonely, at

Sleeping in living room= forced to watch action movies every night before bed
(Was also forbidden to heckle for plot holes. My family is the meanest.)

G&G 50th Anniversary Bash
Rick's real smooth at parties.

Speaking of Dad, accidentally left him at home in rush to find BYU50 box
As Mom says Re: Where did all the leftovers go, "Gotta be quick."

Falling stars and fireballs
Siblings who camp out to watch meteor showers together, are awakened by 5am sprinklers together.

Watched Parent Trap and cried pretty hard when Jessie realizes it's Annie and not Hal
First Annual Harmony Branch Young Women Book of Mormon Read-a-thon Sleepover.

0 mosquito bites
7 cups of hot chocolate.

Graffiti straight from heaven
One time a wolf ran in front of our car and we burst into rapturous applause.

Selfie stick turned out to be excellent call
O beautiful for spacious skies. 

Ran loveliest race in wilderness ft. Native American pictographs
Tyler could not identify favorite song on 1989 album, so we sang them all on drive home. Throat deeply sore.

I miss all of the magic
The past couple months were made for nostalgia.

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  1. It is possible to have just one favorite song on the 1989 album?