Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Less than one week until I hop on a plane to London. 

Excited? Undoubtedly. 
But while the sheer adrenaline of excitement can atone for a lot of things, it does not lessen the reality that you must navigate your way in a busy foreign city in foreign currency, amongst people with attractive but somewhat unintelligible foreign accents. It does not lessen the fact that you only get one suitcase to contain all your belongings for the next four months. (Said suitcase still needing to be packed full of clothes still needing to be washed.) Or the fact that relocating home for two weeks-- in sweltering humidity-- has thrown off all your promising habits of healthy behavior/half-marathon training. Or the fact that you just found out your mum and dad did not die in a car crash, but were killed by an evil nose-less wizard instead.
 I feel you, Young Harry. 

And now to end things on a positive note, I will list things I am thankful for. 
1.) No Dark Mark has ever made an appearance over my roof. 
2.) Even though I fall pretty low on the fashion totem pole, at least my glasses are rectangular and my sweaters are not monogrammed. 
3.) I am not currently being eaten by a bear. *

*EXTRA CREDIT!!: I will personally place 5 gold stickers on your forehead or tattoo them on your lower back if you can tell me where this is from.

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