Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

Yes, this phrase is a song from a painful* band called Brand New. But those same six words are also how I would describe my life... if asked to do so in six words or less.
In exactly two weeks, I will be living in London on a study abroad through my beloved BYU. And yes, Brand New, I WILL meet lots of English boys!

While packing to come home from Utah, I had to simultaneously start packing for London. To make the process more enjoyable, I watched this:
I'm not one who is normally big on chick flicks, but this has quickly become one of my favorite movies. For two big reasons:

1.) It's about people who realize there is nothing for them at home (or in Provo...) and so they pack up and GO! and get a new start. And while they all end up falling in love with each other, they fall in love with life. 
Despite the fact that I am currently wrapping up the best summer of my life, I feel I am due for such a love. 

2.) After vigorously creeping the blogs of past London-Center-Goer/Stayers, I stumbled upon a small but powerful rumor that Jude. Law. Is. Our. Neighbor.

 We live here, in 27 Palace Court. Apparently it's a fairly ritzy place. 

(Although it does bear a striking resemblance to a not-quite-as-ritzy place...)
Number 12, Grimmauld Place
 I fully plan to establish the Order of the Phoenix within the first week of moving in. 

Until then... 
I will prepare myself in the neighborly art of recognizing incognito celebrities.
Hey Jude. Let the stalking begin.  

* Ahem. No offense, all you Brand New lovers.... No, but really. They are terrible.



    Oh I'm a blogger too, I have been for awhile though so it might seem kinda lame sauce! Here it is though

    I can't wait to live in London with you!

  2. Lauren! I love it already! (It being your blog, of course. And you...but you've known that one for a while.) I hope you have a WONDERFUL time as you get a new start, fall in love with life...and maybe fall in love with a British boy, too. Also, your connection between your place in London and 12 Grimmauld Place...might be unfortunately astute. I don't know for sure what the rooms look like there, but our rooms just a couple of blocks away were...well, let's just say, our walls were slanted, and things only got worse from there. Hopefully your place is a bit less like Grimmauld Place! And I'm sure you will LOVE it regardless of the straightness of your walls. Have a great time!

  3. Lauren, I love that movie for the same reasons you do. It never gets old.

    And good luck on the Jude Law stalking. Some friends I have who were in London last summer saw him in Hamlet and met him afterward; they said he was a really nice guy.

  4. Best blog post EVER. ha Lauren Simpson, I love you. Hopefully when I come to visit you I will be inducted into the Order of the Phoenix a few minutes prior to the midnight premiere. That would make my life. I hope that everything comes together quickly and that your body adapts to jetlag with class. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY! See you hopefully soon :)