Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day

In the past decade of my life, Valentine's Day and I fell out of sorts once we stopped decorating mailboxes and delivering candy-adorned notes in school. As a matter of fact, some February 14ths of my life have been marked excessive listening to Kelly Clarkson or road trips to California-- just to "get away" from the bizarre world of ward menus and library PDA that is Provo. 

But today, I realized that I have changed my mind. I am embracing the love!

You may be thinking, "Lauren, this is wonderful-- but aren't you remarkably single?"
The obvious answer to that question is yes. However, this leaves me free to dream up whatever kind of Valentine's Day I want!

Remember a few years ago when I had a mild obsession with David Archuleta? 

I am now happy to report that as of the past two days, it has back and thriving... maybe like some kind of viral infection but SO much better.

It would also involve a dress like this. 

Pink, because that's what you do to fit the occasion.

And while I'm really not crazy about the whole obligatory gift-exchange, I know I could make a killer coupon book. 

And I'd take some flowers. 

Doesn't that sound fantastic?!? I am so tickled by my imagination that I won't even mind the fact that I'll probably end up spending my evening doing homework after FHE.

But if you'd rather watch a movie, I would be happy to oblige. :)

 Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!!
What are your plans?


  1. I am making cat-pun-themed Valentines. You might think I'm joking, but you would be wrong.

  2. Lauren, I simply love you. This post had me cracking up pretty much the whole time. Please please please kiss your poster on Valentines Day. I will be in Paris on the I fully plan on taking pictures of all the nasty lovey doveyness so I can laugh it off instead of being creeped out.

  3. That dress was gorgeous and I want one.

  4. I vote we have a movie night where we talk to our imaginary boyfriends all night and let them adorn us with presents. Usually I don't let others meet him (I'm the jealous type), but I think I will oblige for one night.