Monday, March 21, 2011

Cute middle names are SO in right now.

So I have this thing for names. I LOVE them. I used to have a book of baby names hidden under my bed that I would read after school... not because I was planning on getting pregnant in the seventh grade, but just because names are absolutely fascinating. 

It's something so deeply ingrained in your identity that you have absolutely NO control over. Think how fun it will be to get to NAME your child! You decide what they will be known as for the rest of their life! 

I also firmly believe that names have personality-shaping powers. For example, naming your daughter Hannah is practically guaranteeing that she will be a fantastic person. I have never in my life met a Hannah who I could not describe as a classic "good girl." I mean, think about it: Who is more likely to end up working the corner- Susan or Veronica? Like I said, it's a pretty foolproof science. 

It's taken me a full two decades to grow into my name. I thought it was weird that both my first and last name end with an "n" sound, and I would have never picked out Ashley as a middle name.

But now... I realize that I can't see myself being anything besides Lauren Ashley Simpson. It makes me happy just writing it out. It has taken me twenty years to get there, but I LOVE my name! Loving your name is loving who you are. 

I was recently blessed to come into some money... so I promptly decided to invest in a new iPod to replace the one that got lostolen. I even ordered it online so 
a) I could get it in red- but also
b) I could get my name engraved on the back :)

My name fettish continues: 
Tell me! What will you name your future offspring/automobile/goldfish??


  1. I think about naming my kids tooo much.
    I'm not saying that these names reflect the approval of Colton, but here's what I like right now:

    ...Flora. (am I crazy?)

  2. I love this! Naming has always been super important to me, probably because it's super important to my family.

    I mean, my siblings and I all have great, well-thought-out names:

    Melissa Renee
    Andrew Marcus
    Joshua Vincent
    Garrett Lucas


    As such (and also due to the fact that I am a very obsessive person) I have already carefully considered names for my children (even though I am terrified of pregnancy and birth and infants and babies and toddlers and children and teenagers).

    My two boys (yes, that's right - I get to choose that) will be named:

    Leonard Michael, and Edward Jackson.

    NOT after Edward Cullen. I feel like I'll be explaining THAT one for a while. Still, it's a great name.

    Sorry for this behemoth of a comment, but you got me all excited! I love thoughtful names!

  3. I love stalking your blog it makes my day whenever you post!

    In order to carry on the family name, since a family of all girls has a hard time doing that one, I want to name my daughter... London.

    Also I'd love to name a girl Emma.