Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Real Life... what?!?

Do you see these happy faces?

Oh, Wildcats. I remember back in May of 2008 when I, too, jumped with gleeful joy at the prospect of graduating and leaving Ooltewah High School behind me. 

However, today I realized that in scarcely more than a month's time, I will again be a senior. The difference is that now, I love my school. I adore it. I love planning out my classes, laying out on campus (when it is warm enough), running into old friends, going to football and basketball games, running the streets of Provo, etc. BYU is the greatest... and I do not want to leave.

Because here's the thing: If I wanted to, I could graduate a year from now. Easily. All of a sudden Brigham and Karl G. are pushing me out of the nest and making me be what-- a real adult?!? Not a financial dependent of my parents?!? A 21-year-old, totally single young woman who has to go work as a reporter in Pocatello, Idaho?!? Surely this is not what I signed up for. Young Women's taught me a lot of things-- but highest among them was the promise that I would attend BYU and there meet my spouse: a man older, smarter, and more financially capable than myself. I would work for a few years to put him through graduate school, then focus the rest of my life on things like raising babies and canning pears for the poor.  

Clearly, future husband, somebody has dropped the ball in this department.

There are many good reasons to serve a mission... and postponing graduation should not be one of them. But the phrase "cherry on top" is totally appropriate.

Bottom line, I have a bad case of Peter Pan syndrome... I would even say equal to the March Madness that is so contagious this time of year. I do not want to grow up. I do not want to graduate. (Why should I?? College is fun!!)

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