Monday, March 28, 2011

Derby Fashion

My parents are THE coolest. 

I love the fact that my dad has a job where he doesn't have to commute across the country. I love that his company makes communities safer. I love being his financial dependent. 

And you know what else comes with the territory of the new job??
The Kentucky Derby. 

He and my mom are going to the Kentucky Derby- a big 2-day, 3-outfit kind of deal full of hobnobbing with lots of VIPS. Now, this isn't exactly my parents' usual type of gig... but it's a TOTAL once-in-a-lifetime. 

All that remains now is one very important question for my mother:
What to Wear??

Let's start from square one. Classic Derbywear.
Like Audrey, my mom is a total babe. But this doesn't really scream "Sandy Simpson"- plus, she's too thrifty to buy a dress she could never wear again to a wedding or something.

Let's move into the 21st century: Classic Derbywear part 2:
 It's probably the only event in the world where large-brimmed hats are considered the norm.
 (But she's still a little skeptical.)

Luckily, we have the Crown to give us guidance and inspiration... and by Crown,
I mean Kate Middleton.
Enter the "fascinator."

Let us also not forget the closest thing America has to the Crown... namely, Michelle Obama and her faithful reliance on J. Crew.

Oh Michelle. 
You may hate on dessert, but you do have some sweet style. 

Love you, Mom. Let's take you shopping!!

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