Monday, April 4, 2011

R.I.P. Shoes

As warmer weather approaches (kind of) I find myself contemplating the life of my once-beloved Nephite sandals. 
 These EXACT sandals. I have searched the far realms of the internet for what Target once sold so freely: Xhilaration Tanya brown strappy sandals (size 8.) 

Last summer, on an all-too-fateful rafting trip down the Ocoee River, we were separated forever as the rapids ripped them from my feet and sent them to a watery grave. 

I ordered some shoes online... but as I am still learning, some loves can never be replaced. 

Oh Nephite sandals, how I loved you. You were perfect for wearing with sweats or a sundress. You were stylish without bringing undo attention to my feet. You stayed on without feeling restrictive or loose. You were my favorite shade of brown. You were graciously wide enough for my flat arches without giving me the appearance of duck flippers. Like Baby Bear's porridge... you were just right. 

Some loves change your life forever... Dear Nephite sandals, I want you to know that flip flops are dead to me now. I have absolutely no idea how to replace you... I might be barefoot this summer. I wish there was a way to find you again-- and when I say find, I mean buy... not dig you up out of the muddy riverbank.

Until then, I'll be missing you.


  1. Check Forever Young shoes in the mall! I remember seeing some shoes pretty much exactly like those there last year. Go check! ;)

  2. I felt your anguish while reading this post. So sad! (But Kailee is right!! I got my twinner ones from Forever Young!)

  3. Such a sad story. I have had this same experience...only that I am still reminiscing about my good ol' jelly sandals back in the day. They were pink, made of plastic, and smelled of burning rubber. Oh jellies, where did you go and why did you ever go out of fashion? Oh, and P.S. I am ecstatic that you like "Pushing Daises". I love that TV series!