Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finals Week Rules

Our apartment established long ago that during finals week, Centennial 224 would be a safe haven from the norms of the world. Last night, we decided that Finals Week Rules were now in full effect.

Things we do not judge:
1. How often you shower

2. How often you sleep
3. How much or how little you eat
4. What you eat
5. Exercise habits
6. How you choose to spend your down time
7. When the last time you did laundry was
8. Whether or not you choose to actually put on clothes or makeup
9. How much candy you are consuming in the name of Easter...
10. Etc.

Personally, I am kind of a slob... but I kind of love it right now. If the weather is going to be gross, I don't see why I should have to be anything else.

***TMI Warning!***

Sports bras > Real bras. Hands down. 
In fact, I am going to change OUT of my favorite lime green sports bra and put on one I hate to go to the gym... so after I shower (and you know how I feel about showering)... I can change right back into my other one :)

Tell me! What is your favorite rule of society to throw out the window?

1 comment:

  1. All time favorite: living in my sweats.

    Best feeling in the world is when you shower, and then put sweats back on. But who has time to shower at a time like this?!?! jk (maybe)

    I love you to death!!! And I'm sure your finals will go beautifully!