Monday, April 18, 2011

My favorite YW lesson: TaLeNtS!!

You have them, I have them, we ALL have them!

What? Can you not play the piano in church? Join the club.
Sometimes the city of Provo tells us that this is the only kind of talent that matters...
(P.S. I don't run triathlons, either.)

But you know what? I am LOADED with all sorts of other gifts that often get a lack of attention. 
Let's name a few, shall we?

1. I can listen to any song I like 500 times before I get sick of it.
2. I make a fantastic s'more.
3. I am great at planning schedules– daily, weekly, school classes, life plans, etc. 
4. I have the ability to talk you into purchasing any item of clothing that you want but consider out of your price range.
5. I can French-braid hair. My own AND yours. Regular way and inside-out.
6. I can play or transpose the basic chords to any song you want to sing, on the spot.
7. I am the ideal audience member, especially in plays. I am the best laugher at all the appropriate moments. Usually a few inappropriate ones as well.
8. I am super at appreciating the outdoors, especially taking naps in it. 
9. Some call it "nosy." I call it "being a good listener." I do love a good story... which sometimes reading a book, and sometimes means hearing- and asking unabashedly- about the personal details of someone else's life.
10. And finally, I am SO GOOD at procrastinating when it involves biology!!

See how easy it is to recognize your talents??

Group Hugs/ Dogpiles! Another gift of mine.
(This one is for the up-and-coming Sister Wagner, who will be serving in Albuquerque, NM!!)
Think with me. What unappreciated gifts have YOU been hiding under a bushel-barrel?*
* The term "bushel-barrel" copyrighted to Jordan Hunter, 2008.


  1. oh Lauren! how I love you. I love everything about this post. and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. you're a doll :)

  2. I know you through a friend (Neltje), and I find your blog DELIGHTFUL. You are one heck of a person, and it makes me appreciate just being normal li'l me.
    Keep your blogs a'coming--they're hilarious.
    And if you get so bored, you can look at mine. :)