Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For my Favorite British Couple, Part 2

I got an email from CNN yesterday. For a few seconds, I stared at the subject line in my inbox and forgot to breathe.
Then I read how I will NOT be the reporter sent to London, as part of a mass pity email.

My consolation prize? 

 This is the winning entry. 
(Seeing how mediocre it was made me feel a lot better about not winning... I was actually delighted to find out that the people CNN is singling out are not any better at reporting than I am! This summer: KSL radio. Next Summer: Good Morning, America.)

And if boosting my ego weren't enough, I also get to watch TLC all week long with my family in Kentucky!! Last night I stepped off the plane and got my first breath of warm, sweet, humid summer air. Ahhh, perfection. 
The icing on the cake: a stranger called me "ma'am."  I could have hugged him. There is nothing that feels nicer than being treated like a southern lady. 

Speaking of charming... 

I scored BOTH of these for a grand total of $4.40 this weekend. 

Sometimes the universe just has your back. Thanks, Karma!!

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  1. Lauren, I miss you already! I love your beautiful and happy self. I'm glad you are already loving home and I hope you enjoy it. :) I can't wait to see you again in June!!! :D