Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Pt. 1: "I'm Getting My Pioneer On"

A few weeks ago, Tom the Thankful Turkey made his annual appearance. As always, he was quite the hit, as some of my favorite people were coerced came over, hearts just brimming with love of tradition, and made their feathers.

And tomorrow is the big TURKEY DAY itself.
I worked so hard to get all my work done before the break. (Read: I stayed out too late all week but became incredibly efficient at the last minute.) But alas, BYU's Washington Seminar program is apparently very anti-family. Over the break, I am supposed to write at least 13 cover letters for summer internship applications. But where would this leave me?
I am rebelling against their holiday-hate and putting family first by spending my time:
  • sitting on the couch
  • watching Good Luck, Charlie
  • making jingle socks
  • painting my nails (black and gold glitter, in case you were wondering.)
  • playing guitar
  • seeing Bella have a baby. It was so weird we knew we couldn't not go.
  • checking out the making of Lindsay's ugly Christmas sweater. 
  • playing dress-up in my aunt's old CHEERLEADING UNIFORMS.
    A music video may soon ensue.
    And don't be surprised if you ever see me wearing one of these babies on campus.

Lauren, Cousin Mara, Lindsay (can you believe her hair looks like that after driving for 8 hours??)

 Best part of the night came when the only other bucket of costumes we could find were Mara's old trek clothes. Quote of the day goes to Jessie: "I'm getting my pioneer on."
Like the true cheerleaders we are, we tried to stunt.
 This is always how it ended up.
I love my family.
Homework, Schmomework: Because you can't put a price on memories, baby.

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  1. Love it! I stole your that picture with me in it for it looks like I have a life :)