Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Pt. 2: "Because it's not a real vacation unless Dad ends up in the ER"

Scene 1: Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
Lauren and Lindsay have a splendid rest of Thanksgiving break with the beloved Thomas Family. We trotted with all the other local turkeys (note to self- never again unless it is at LEAST 60 degrees outside), "went out amongst them"- that is, the crowds of Black Friday, and formed a band. (typical.)

After a good half hour deliberating what really captured our essence, the name we ended up with was We Go Barefoot. My personal favorite was the submission from Justin (10 yrs old): Fat Dog Cody.

We really like Adele.
*Lindsay currently refuses to post the one video we have because it is terrible. I call it 'hilarious.' Am still working on persuasion.*

But we liked it even MORE when we got to sing on the streets of downtown Denver with some nice random black guy!! There is no greater joy than belting in public.

And yes, that is an H&M bag around my arm <3

But alas, elsewhere in the country- tragedy struck on this happiest of holidays. 

Scene 2: the suburbs of Louisville, KY

Father Dear had a little mishap with a bench and a completed pass during an intense bout of Turkey Bowl Football- now identifiable as an avulsion fracture (AKA He tore his right ACL, which took bone along with it.) Surgery to come. But at the time, my sweet family just brought Thanksgiving to him. 
Can you tell which one of these two people is on painkillers?
Oh, happy fam. 

The best part of this whole story is my mother. Queen of the Coupons, she was already going strong on Black Thursday (as it is known in the bargain-hunting world.) I am getting this conversation verbatim from my grandmother:

Sandy: "Mom, Rick broke his leg at the Turkey Bowl. The ambulance has taken him to the hospital." 
Grandma: "Oh, dear! You better go hold his hand."
Sandy: "I can't. I have to go to Walgreens and CVS!"

Here she is with their Thankful Turkey- I told you, it is a serious tradition!!

(Also... you should know that her one-handed picture-taking abilities are something of a family legend.)


  1. For the record, I was already at CVS when the injury I just couldn't leave my stash of free stuff behind!

  2. hahahhhahahahahhaha the convo of your Mom & Grandma killed me. Seriously you are the best writer. I'm in heaven reading this, well as heavenly as being at work gets baha