Monday, December 19, 2011


(I went for a Top 10 Total- biased in the favor of the good. Because being home is so. good.)
The Christmas picture we sent everyone.

Top 6 Best Things About Being Home: 
1. I am proud to say that I am now the LEAST talented musician in the family. While my skills remain stagnant/ slowly deteriorate, Tyler, Tori and Megan are all AWESOME. As is Lindsay. So our jam sessions get better and better every time we come home. <3

2. Name-brand food. And so much of it. I'm in heaven with all my breakfast cereal options. A full fridge. A full pantry. AND food storage in the basement in case we should ever run out!! I'm currently feasting on my father's homemade pizza. 3 meals a day. If you've had it, you understand what I'm talking about.

3. I am sitting on the couch watching TLC and blogging. I don't have to do anything. My only decision for this evening is, "Should I run the neighborhood with my dog or stay in, eat ice cream, and watch an episode of 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' with my sisters on Hulu??"
(I think we both already know the answer to this question.)

4. I do not drive. (And not just because my license is expired... working on that tomorrow...) It's because my mommy drives me everywhere. And pays for me when we go places. In the past two days I've been to the mall, the grocery store, Great Clips, the dentist... but haven't used my debit card once. It is awesome.

5. And guess what else? Even though we are running all over the suburbs of Louisville, KY- I never have to use public restrooms. Ever. Instead, I enjoy fancy 12-ply toilet paper at home.

6. I don't enjoy cooking at college. But I am swiftly going through all my pinterest recipes. So far, the family favorite is blueberry breakfast cake..
Sweet but not too sweet. Which means the pan is clean before you know it.

Top 4 Weirdest Things About Being Home: 
1. Kneeling for family prayers. What?? Totally forgot we did that. Also, totally forgot what it feels like to have someone telling me what to do.

2. THE FAMILY WARD. I didn't realize how much BYU had spoiled me until I went to church yesterday. To whom do these screaming children belong? Why do I not hear 4-part harmonies during the hymns? Only the 12-year-old boys get doughnuts in Sunday School? People watching loses its thrill when you don't know anyone. And no one in Relief Society asks to borrow my clothes. (Weird, I know.)

3. Sleeping in the basement. Without memory foam. Is weird.

4. My family can tell me all about the latest episode of "Toddlers in Tiaras" or "Cupcake Wars," but doesn't really keep up with hard news/current events. Yesterday in the car Megan referred to Indians (distinguishing them from Native Americans) as "Baljeet people." Hahaha so PC.
5 points if you can name what show he is from.
Last night I wanted to wake everybody up and tell them Kim Jong-il had died. (Clearly, I made the right choice by refraining because when I bounced upstairs to talk about it this morning, no one seemed too enthralled about what this means for North Korea's presence in the world stage.)
The Christmas picture we SHOULD have sent everyone!
Featuring the sweatpants my father wore to church that morning.
3 days until we drive down to the FARM.
More football, more family, more food.  Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. Haha, I listed name brand food and 17 ply toilet paper as some of my favorite reasons for coming home. Clearly we're on the same wave length about our priorities.