Monday, January 30, 2012

A Modern Family

If you are my landlord, you should know that we definitely did NOT adopt a hamster.*

Now that we've settle that issue... for your viewing pleasure, I'd like to present Winston:

At first we were worried what disparaging comments the other little fuzzballs would make about him growing up in a home with two mothers and no father.
Luckily, he's a spunky little guy- so raised properly, he should be able to just beat them up.
Although he does love his #1 mommy.
Also, he loves his little plastic ball! (If you think of life in terms of Enchanted and this reminds you of Pip, then we are definitely friends.)
Apple? No, thank you. It's good...

And he LOVES running on his wheel! Please appreciate how difficult it was to take a family photo in which you can see him!

Did you know that hamsters are nocturnal creatures? Fact: They are.
It's okay if you didn't know this.
I didn't either, until this past Sunday when he decided to train for a marathon at 5 a.m...
Parenting is such an adventure.

*Think of it as a "weekend babysitting gig."

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  1. I love your new family member! And, I love you! I hope you are doing well...we should catch up sometime.