Saturday, February 4, 2012

4 to 6 videos you should probably watch.

In case your day needs a little brightening... I have some recommendations. Today's categories:

ESPN's Not Top 10 of 2011.
Have we all seen this? Yes. Does it ever get old? Nope. Best pick-me-up ever.
(The video doesn't start until 0:15... but after that, it's golden.)
There is nothing that brings back such heartwarming memories of Young Women's basketball like seeing a desperate cross-court shot hurled with eleven seconds still on the clock. (Next to fouling, 3-point shots were my greatest contribution to the team. You can use your imagination on how that went down.)

Normally I don't really care about music videos. Or dance in general, out of spite that I have no talent for it. But this "murder victim on the sidewalk" thing is one of the cooler choreographed numbers I have seen. And not just because it's Adele. (Okay, maybe a little bit.)

Claim to Fame: I totally CHATTED IT UP with Amy Whitcomb + band + groupies before Stadium of Fire this summer. At the time I didn't realize how good/famous she is (this was pre-Delilah)... I just liked her because she is super friendly and nice.
But just wait for the key change.
This category is so fantastic there are 3 winners.
I don't have a good excuse why I didn't know who Hamish and Andy were before this semester. But I want to do this so bad. All of it. If I ever get called as an FHE mom you can safely bet that every Monday night will be spent 3-step knick-knocking... Actually, when I have a family of my own that is EXACTLY what we are going to do.
(These didn't transfer well so it's better if I just give you the link.) 
First up... Ghosting. 
Team Ghosting (People of Provo: THIS is what you want to do on a double date.)
3 Step Knick-Knocking

I know, I know. If you watched that last video you're probably like "Lauren, what the heck? You are seriously planning on training your young children to hide in strangers' front yards?"
The answer to that question is "OMGEee yes." 

 And now for everyone's favorite update:
I may or may not have screamed when I saw that little dot of green.
My new personal mantra.
Enough time blogging. Time to go be awesome.

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  1. haha you did was an exciting moment for that speck of green that will soon become a lot of green ;) Aaaaand I love those videos, thanks for sharing :)