Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slumbery + White Christmas

There is that state that comes
in a soft and clumsy stupor
when today's "to dos" melt into a list of tomorrow's "maybe's"

like a warm and shaggy bear
ready to tuck in
for a winter muted by dreams of muted winters past

but, for now feeling
the consciousness (that it's slipping)
and you are
(I love you, NyQuill)
in the slumbery somewhere
in between

Because it's only 9:30 and I am contacts-out retainer-in going to bed, I'll give you an extra bonus. 
I love this song slash whole play. If you're still feeling nostalgic for the White Christmas no one got this year, this one's for you.

This movie produced great discussion when I watched it with some friends. For the record, I do not think Rosemary Clooney looks like a man. But if she did, she would look like a really beautiful one. Kind of like her nephew George.

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