Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Belle Factor

Last night at FHE our whole ward gathered to dine on pizza and watch a Disney sing-along video like it was 1995. Everyone loved it. And by "everyone" I mean all the girls and 3 of the boys. We followed the bouncing mouse head with youthful vigor and classically trained harmonies that rooms full of BYU students are wont to produce- even quoting the little ad-libs that aren't part of the official lyrics.

Merrily we sang our way through the Circle of Life video, from Simba to Aladdin to Ariel.
Until Belle came on screen and suddenly- I felt the vibe that we were standing on some sacred ground. I looked up at the girls parked on the couches around me and I realized a very important fact:

In this group, Belle was everybody's favorite princess.

Determining "Which Disney Princess Are You" requires no personality quiz. It comes down to a simple formula that is 50% hair color/ethnicity and 50% personal characteristics.

For Example
Brunette + literate= Belle
Redhead + can sing = Ariel
Tan + sporty = Pocahontas
Blonde + born after the year 2004 = Rapunzel

In a few illuminating moments I saw what makes that movie special. Half of these girls are pursuing advanced collegiate degrees. They empathize with the accompanying stigmas.
"Why would you go to med school and take a spot that could go to a bread-winner?"
They know about feeling stuck and wanting to get out into the Great Wide Somewhere.

They know they don't always fit in with the Provo All-Stars.

Or hair school girls.*

They're used to taking care of themselves and other people.

And they're past expecting any traditional "he-was-my-missionary" kind of love story.

Your favorite princess- your favorite anything- is always what you connect with the most. With a few exceptions, they all grew up as high-achieving Mormon girls; they know what it means to feel "strange but special." I know them and I watched them sing that song and something clicked.

Friends, I am here to tell you:
My ward is LOADED with Belles.

*When I was a senior in high school I tried to convince my mother that my true calling was cutting hair. I'm not a hater.


  1. This post made my day. Belle was always my favorite as well!

  2. That formula is perfect. Belle is also my favorite. :-)

  3. I was actually thinking about my favorite princess this week. I came up with Belle because she's obviously the most intelligent and independent of them all. She goes back to rescue the Beast, not the other way around like so many of the other stories. I like your theory, it makes so much sense.

    Also, I responded to your comment in my comments, just so you know.