Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Modesty Project + The Second Marriage

This is what I finished this weekend. 

By far, it was the most fun thing I have ever shot.
Because my friends were in it.
Because I wasn't on a noon deadline.
Because the topic is something I care about, and I didn't have to try to be objective.

Fun Facts about this Video for Non-Techies to Understand and Enjoy:

1. In the world of broadcast, "You're hot" means your microphone is working. It wasn't until the last interview of the day that I realized no one else knew that.

2. Today I showed this video as part of a church lesson on modesty. Ironically, I had burnt myself with a curling iron that morning on a very prominent place on my neck. So I looked super virtuous as I was presenting.

3. Adrian was the only interviewee who even suggested that immodesty was in any way attractive. When I was filming I couldn't decide if he was seriously the only one who thought that way OR if he was just the only one who was being honest. The newsroom boys all affirmed it was the latter.
"Lauren, immodesty isn't a good thing- especially in the long run. But just remember: guys are still guys."
I still don't know which story is more true. Because the other day the BYU men's cross country team ran past me and let me tell you, it was by far the most immodest thing I have ever seen... and it was not attractive.

This is what I did this afternoon.
Before: Dead plant.

New seed of love.

Magic FERTILIZER my friend gave me.


In its favorite spot by the TV and the window.
I have just a few weeks for this thing to sprout, grow and stay alive. Don't you fail me, baby.

Potential New Paper Titles

Second Chance to Bloom: A Novel

Death and Starting Over: People Do Both of These Things All the Time

Nothing Kills a Relationship Like Moving Too Fast

Lots of General Authorities Remarry

The Firstborn Son: must die, but then all subsequent children will be fine!


  1. "Because in the long run, it's her character that rocks!" Hahahaha, so good. Well done, Lauren. You're so great.