Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Magic of a Good Pair of Shoes

Last weekend my dear London friend Amanda and I were strolling through the gateway mall a few hours before our dear London friend Sarah's wedding reception.

Thrifting beforehand. In this story, the shoes were present.
The coat was not.
Instant Replay:
4 year-old girl points in my direction. I turn around to see what she's so excited about.

"Look mom! It's a princess!"

Before I could process those words she had latched herself to my legs and buried her face in my skirt.

I was charmed speechless.

I tried to lean down, hug her back, and tell her how pretty her dress was or something. Her mom- kind of embarrassed, kind of loving it- politely tried to pull her away.

"No, Mom- it's a real princess!"

In that moment I took back every unkind thought I had ever had while babysitting young children.
And I thanked the Lord that I had bought sparkly gold TOMS and not the red ones.

Dear Mother of the Princess-Spotter,
                    You are doing a great job raising your daughter.
Please continue to encourage her to see potential and beauty in the ordinary- or even the mundane and unseemly. Thank you for nourishing her imagination and confidence, and for letting her believe in happily-ever-afters. Thank you for taking the time that morning to curl her hair and pin it back with a bow. We could use a few more princesses like her in this world. And she can hold on to my legs for as long as she likes. Anytime.


  1. In the fur, she might've thought you were a queen!

  2. Best story EVER! I think you just made every single girl extremely jealous of your TOMS ;)

  3. New favorite story. I adore your letter, and I adore princesses of all ages, sparkles, shoes, curled hair with bows, and you!