Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Future Pt. 2

In the meantime...

for those of you who know about my very slight COMMITMENT issues...
I've committed.

Good things about this internship:

1. I am the FIRST media intern they've ever had- so I get to blaze the trail here.
2. I will get to ride the metro to and from work. This has already been consecrated as precious time to read, write, observe, think, and stay on top of homework in general.
3. Their office is in Old Alexandria, Virginia- which apparently, is a very darling town.
And as we all know, Virginia is for Lovers. 
3. The commute will force me to better prioritize my time so that every evening when I come home I will be sure to LIVE IT UP and experience everything in downtown D.C. (I am starting my list NOW... so if you have any suggestions of places to go or see or eat, I would love to hear them!)
4. They have an attorney on staff who they said I could shadow on the Hill and see some family-law-policy-work in action. Law school HOLLER!
5. Should I ever want to adopt a child, I will be one phone call away! :)

I am going vegetarian- at least until the end of the summer. At which point I may go back to Chick-fil-A if I cannot bear it, or at which point I may have turned into a total chunky-granola, full-fledged vegan.

"But Lauren, what's the big deal? You don't eat that much meat anyway!"
Might as well make the jump! I am excited to start and to JUDGE YOU ALL at this weekend's General Conference barbeque!!

totally kidding.

However, if you are of the vegetarian/vegan persuasion, DO share some of your favorite recipes. And when I say "some," I mean all. I am quite determined to become a good cook. (Ideally, I would love to be able to bake without eggs.)
Currently, I will finish up the chicken I have in my fridge.
And then I will start getting creative.
Goodbye, meat!

Hello, homemade granola bars.

You can find the recipe here via the lovely Sarah. Because if you have not had these, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.


  1. I go vegan/veg pretty often. The last time was a few months ago. That time around, I was all about the black beans. So filling and delicious. Good luck!!

  2. I'm full fledged vegetarian and have been for years! I love it. Checkout my pin board for recipes. Tons of delicious stuff there... Good luck!

  3. Oh I love Old Town Alexandria. It will be so fun to live there! Go to the water caves in Great Falls and if you don't go to Shenandoah this summer, I will be very angry at you. There are WATER SLIDES!

  4. I think I have a recipe for a chocolate cake with no eggs if you are interested.

  5. Alexandria is GORGEOUS. Seriously. I'm wicked jealous.

    And as for DC, so so many things. You will love the Newseum. The Spy Museum is fun too. Go to the National Cathedral, it's beautiful. All the Smithsonians, obviously, but I particularly like the Air & Space Museum out by the Dulles airport. Drive around and see all the old downtown parts of the cities, they are so cute. There are some awesome antique shops around Leesburg. As for food, Roti is the best Middle Eastern place I've been to in the United States. It's on the George Washington campus. And falafel is totally vegetarian! Man, I miss DC.

    Also, come up to Boston. Obviously.

  6. I'm so so so so jealous of your internship. Living in DC and working in Virginia sounds like a dream. (Maybe I should consider that...) It's going to be amazing. And working for the National Council for Adoption will be so wonderful. I've loved the adoption work I've done at my internship. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Lauren! 2 things...

    1. I am so excited for you that you're going to be working in VA. Its pretty much the best. And i'm not just saying that because I'm from there. The DC/metro area is so beautiful and diverse and just really epic in a lot of ways. You're gonna LOVE it!

    2. I just started being vegetarian at the beginning of march and I'm really happy with it so far! I will definitely send you some of my recipes....especially if you're feelin brave enough to get into tofu :)