Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Once I Was A Model

for my friend Morgan, who wanted to do a fashion shoot so she could get a couple more shots for her application to BYU's photography program.
               (Super competitive. Go Morg!)

The best part was changing clothes in the orchard by the mental hospital. We were sneaky. No one saw us except for literally 20 deer.
It was the most deer I had ever seen at once in my whole life. I was having a field day.

We tried to get close and personal but they were not having it.
You can't even see them here. Boo!
We took these photos maybe a week ago, but we've all been busy and Morgan was editing her ENGAGEMENT shots- so I never saw them until last night.

Where is this trendy location? Oh, back of my apartment building.
I was feeling out-of-control-stressed with the amount of schoolwork (and work-work) to get done before my FAMILY comes into town this weekend.
             It was late at night, but I got on facebook anyway (bad)
             I had a billion notifications telling me how pretty I was (WHAT?! awesome.)
That kind of thing just doesn't happen in real life. I felt like it was my birthday.

Thank you Morgan, for having great timing. 
and Thank you also, kind people of Facebookland.

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  1. you are super gorgeous. i am definitely jealous.