Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Snapshot Update

End of the semester weather girl

You can see the full segment here- weather starts at 16:35- although I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to count how many times I say "um." (Just know that nothing is scripted and I have people talking in my ear at the same time that I am trying to extrapolate on the 5-day forecast.)
Or you Provo-dwellers, just tune in this Friday to Channel 11 for the noon newscast! Last show!!

General Conference.
was fabulous. I can't wait for the Ensign.
But also...
Elder Archuleta. I'm still not over it.
First visit to CPK... it gets a big A+. Pear and Gorgonzola: delicious. Kelly: beautiful.


it was.

Also, Three Things I Have Discovered About Words

1. There are lots of words that T9 does not recognize. Words I have to teach it, like "omgee" and "velociraptor" and my personal favorite, "homeboy." Because when you try to type it, the first thing that comes up is "homecow."
Kills me every time.

2. You know those random combinations of letters you must enter "to prove you're not a robot?" They are so hard. It always takes me at least two tries. I already have glasses and I am in college- so clearly I'm not blind or illiterate.  I guess I must be part robot.

3. The other day, doing research for a BYU Radio story on handwriting analysis, I took this online test.
Obviously, it's going to be a little faulty. But it was still interesting.

Lauren Simpson, your handwriting reveals that you are an extrovert and spontaneous.
You need a lot of space, unwilling to concentrate or confine your energies on the small details of life. You're quick in your responses and possess spontaneity.

Hack science? Maybe. But also kind of cool.

P.S. My paper about my love-plant is due in one week. And my second seed is giving me nothing.

P.P.S. For everyone involved in the Gosling v. Reynolds debate... one of these two men is a real-life hero.  Just in case we still had a few fence-sitters out there.

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  1. Lauren, you're so cute on your broadcast. Love your dress, too. Work it, grrrrl. Can't wait to see you on Ellen when you're ooober famous. xo