Saturday, April 14, 2012

"I Just Want to Party with College Boys"

This past weekend my FAMILIA came to visit on their Spring Break. 
Lindsay and I thought they would be so excited to see us... but pretty soon we figured out it wasn't necessarily us that kept them hanging around.

It was the BoYzZz!
Meg and Jess were quite the hit.
It reminded me of two years ago when Lindsay and Annie came to visit. The freshman boys all loved them and nobody slept for four days straight.
So precious.

Soccer Game!

And every time my family comes to town I make them visit the newsroom. <3
Megan "First Time You've Seen Me With Braces" Simpson
Jessica "I Just Want to Party With College Boys" Thomas
They will make such great weather girls one day.

Mother's sweater on the green screen turned her into Nearly Headless Nick.

Also, every time my family comes into town, they visit the creamery and the bookstore and take leisurely strolls through campus- essentially hitting up all the places that Lindsay and I try to avoid.

Case in Point: This year's highlight was the new stream just south of campus.

"Oh, it's SO pretty! Could you race boats down it?!"
"I have already been on that date three times this year... not counting the ward activity."

But nothing says "I am a good daughter" like getting your bum wet for pictures. So we did.

Reporting live from BYU Campus: Lauren Simpson, ElevenNews. ###

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