Saturday, April 7, 2012

Links for Saturday

  • Einstein Bagels, welcome to the corner next to BYU. HOORAY!! Plus if you are on their email list you get free coupons all the time :) Seriously, I can eat blueberry bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Mormon Explorer. This is also for all you travelers who aren't Mormon but totally could be. I love the idea of this so much- like couch surfing but less scary.

  • This video encompasses both my feelings for David Archuleta and for floral design.

  • This website is for all you color aficionados out there (which now means any woman with a pinterest account.)

  • And let's talk for a minute about Titanic. (movie, not boat.)
When it comes to films, I don't like chick flicks. Or seeing things in 3-D. Or sad endings. And you KNOW it better not be more than 2 1/2 hours long. So according to all logic, I should not want to see this movie in theatres.
But yet...
I do.

P.S. I love hanging with my family and shooting myself in the foot right before finals. Pictures to come.

P.P.S. My second plant never sprouted. Tonight I start writing the paper. I'm thinking it's going to echo the words of Dallin H. Oaks on Timing. Because in the end, sometimes you simply have no say in the matter.


  1. Lets go see Titanic together. Done and done. :D

  2. I love that J. K. Rowling speech. Makes me cry every time.

    And I totally want to see Titanic. It was such a big deal the first time around, I can't not see it.