Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Weekend with Mom and Karen

This is my mom.
she loves taking pictures like this.
This is Karen.
Karen has an Australian accent. Sometimes she has your back and sometimes she does not; it's a complicated relationship. The three of us had so much fun driving 9.5 hours to Washington, D.C.

Mom: "Look at that. West Virginia is all coal. [pause] WE'RE IN DISTRICT TWELVE!!"

We thought the hard part was getting there. wrong! The biggest adventure of all was driving around once we got to the city. We were so lost trying to navigate through the minivan through all the narrow one-way streets. Lots of other drivers made it pretty clear that they did not think it was funny, but they were wrong. It was. We met some friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory after another hour in the car in which some un-Christlike things were said to Karen.
We laughed about it over a shared piece of white chocolate blueberry cheesecake.

After dinner we hit up the grocery store right before it closed. There was only one cart left.
Before. (long day)

After. (yay food!)

Saturday we walked the National Mall.
(Until recently, I did not know such a thing existed, but it's true. The stores are huge. And by stores, I mean "monuments.")

We snuck lunch out of the hotel breakfast.

Thanks for a great weekend, Mom! (and to a lesser extent, Karen.)

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  1. Love it! I hope you have so much fin in DC! I am incredibly envious. If I wasn't swamped with Student Council (which I am still not quite sure how I got involved......) and Chemistry, and work, I would so come visit you! I love the good ol' Capitol.