Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family Jeopardy

This is the best FHE activity ever. But only if you are actually related- yet another reason student pseudo-families are inferior to the real thing. 

Basically, it's a giant test of inside joke recollection and niche trivia. My favorite questions are the ones that wouldn't make sense to anyone with a different last name.

If you want to try it out, the master key I made may help you get started.
Then again, it may not- because my questions were pretty fabulous. 

Mom was sport enough to not answer anything in the "Mom" category. The 100 level questions are at the bottom, with 500 at the top. Actually, we didn't keep score because it's easier to lose with grace when you don't feel like a loser. [But for the record, team Couch People was on fire.]

Reading through it on the blog, the questions don't seem that funny. And on the whole, they aren't. The beauty of family jeopardy is that it gives you license to sit around for an hour and laugh until you cry over things no one else in the world knows or cares about. To see how much of "My Hero Is You" you still remember (a lot) and how much you actually know about Dad's education (not a lot.) To remember who had to play all the boy parts in every little play you ever put on for your parents, when the only boy you had always refused to be involved (not even a question.)

I'm already filing things away for next time. Potential future categories include: 
  • Neighbors' House
  • The Farm
  • Awkward
  • PBS Kids
  • Christmas
  • Movie Quotes
  • Home Videos
  • That Happened at Church?
... and more likely than not, Youtube 2.0.

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  1. Hahaha!!! I love this. Probably because I'm a little bit obsessed with both Jeopardy and your family.

    (But for the record, I disagree about bowling not being a good date activity. I love bowling! And besides, once at the Holiday bowl in Hixson after a formal, I won a hula hooping contest and got a free game. Booyah.)