Monday, August 20, 2012

15 Things We Love About Tori

1. She is our only blonde.
2. She sings and plays piano all the time. All the time. And she is SO good. She is always up for a jam.
3. Seriously, funniest girl ever. Just yesterday she taught me every awkward hug she knows. I'm still not over "the penguin."
4. Dessert making champion, she excels at cupcake decorating and making all kinds of decadent concoctions. Her pinterest addiction has only enhanced this talent.
5. She can make friends anywhere she goes. And she is the kind of person you want to have as your friend; she lights up a room like that.
6. She is a very speedy reader. (Although he won't admit it, she beat out Tyler in the family reading hierarchy.) She is also the resident expert on Hunger Games: book v. movie adaptation.
7. She never gave up on the dream that one day, we would get a dog. Then we did, and she continues to love that dumb dog fiercely.
8. She is the best at cracking funny faces that make her friends lose it in science class- and make her sisters lose it in family prayer.
9. Queen of Youtube videos and episodes of Phineas and Ferb, she keeps me updated on everything I have missed in college as soon as I come home. The other day we sat in the basement and watched every "Dot" video MAD TV ever made. Worth it.
10. I have never known her to not be in love with a boy. ever. at any age.
11. She's always willing to try new things. Unless that thing is edible...
12. For her birthday dinner, she requested Pizza rolls and Mac & Cheese. She got it.
13. She throws parties where her boy friends come over and watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The first time I heard this I almost teared up, so proud was I that someone in our house still throws such campy mormon parties.
14. She is a princess. Literally, she refused to wear pants for the first 5 years of her life.
15. She's the youngest of all her friends and thinks she should be turning 16.
Dear Tori, Truly- truly you are my sister.

And now, please enjoy these fifteen pictures from your childhood, in no particular order. 

Hard at work at the farm.
Grumpy on the soccer field.
That crooked smile.
With Megan at the dentist.
Backyard garden.
Feat. Sedona Tooley

Love you, birthday girl!

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