Sunday, September 9, 2012

I have an announcement to make.

Wait- I just realized what that implies! Hahaha I am not pregnant! Although last night I did watch Baby Mama and they made the whole process look not that traumatic! (Whatever Tina and Amy do, that will I blindly do also!)

But the SECOND BEST THING to bringing a me.2 into this world is....

Fall is here. 

Air not crispy enough? Leaves not crunchy enough? I don't buy it. Because yesterday I visited my best friends at Bath & Body Works, and they have ALL KINDS of pumpkin spice cider autumn cable knit hearth woods cinnamon cookie pinecone out right now. (Plus they have this Dark Amber For Men? I don't know what they put in there, but it's under the label of "omg." Seriously- go free sample that stuff at the nearest possible opportunity. And like me, you will find yourself compulsively smelling your hands for the next few hours.)

I'm an October kind of girl. I'm good at cozy things, like reading books.
walking in the woods. drinking hot chocolate. the little concerts on University Ave. sitting around campfires. driving to NPR's Jazz from 9 til Midnight. taking naps with lots of blankets and the window open. 

I was gleefully sentimental just thinking of all my favorite things about fall, only to realize that I already wrote about them last year- and absolutely nothing has changed.

I'm still a sucker for pumpkin bagels.

                     And doing things at night when we all bundle up.

And watching Christmas movies before Halloween! HATERS GON' HATE!!!

In my closet, Tom the Thankful Turkey has been getting pretty restless at night, ruffling his feathers of years of gratitude past. Shhh, I tell him. Your time will come. Probably sooner than I can handle. 

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