Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty for Twenty-Twelve

This post concept was stolen shamelessly from my friend Kelly, the delightful indie princess I hope to one day become. The original idea was one picture for every month– you know, like, 12 pictures total. But I am so terrible at consolidating. So here it is.

JAN brady

MLKJ day

FEBby webby

Sarah's [London] bridal shower!

MARsha brady

Orbit commercial.

APE ril

International lovers.
mother MAY i

Hiding all the boys' furniture in our room. So worth it.
I forgot this picture ever existed. What a gem.

JEFFERSON. We were so smitten. Best internship ever.

they say when you marry in JUNE...

Our faces are streaked with mud. Ballers.

More internship, but doing real work this time.

Alex Boye. He's British, so kind of a big deal.



Lots of girls get their wisdom teeth taken out so they can look more like me.

"This is the crew– mia familia"

SEPTimus severus snape

Call me Bear Grylls, minus the au natural ice baths and drinking elephant poop.

OCT over

Good news! Hogwarts is real.

NOV– is very very extraordinary; E

BYU women's soccer

Mission call to the San Fernan!

back to DECEMBER all the time

Broadcast Journalism: by definition, the best-looking major on campus

"Rudolph" came to visit this year... I especially liked his sock hooves.

Chattanooga Girls. now; forever.

After the most disappointing apocalypse ever, let's ring out the wild bells. 

Cheers, 2013!


  1. Love it!! It was so hard for me to pick 12 pictures..i probably should have done something more like this :) the picture of you with the dog is adorable

  2. A post of just your monthly titles would have been more than sufficient. Lulz. The pictures were a nice touch, though.