Thursday, December 27, 2012

Les Mis Superlatives

Now that we've all seen it, let's talk.

Most Improved From All Our Initial Expectations: Anne Hathaway

Most Likely To Star as the Timid Young Lamb In My Upcoming New Musical Barnyard Friends: Amanda Seyfried

Best Freckles: Eddie Redmayne

Most Interesting Upper Lip: also Eddie Redmayne

Best Dimples: Samantha Barks

Best Ad-lib and Most Enjoyable To Watch In General: Sasha Baron Cohen

Best Unexpected Tear-Jerker: That little part when Javert places his pin on Gavroche. It was just so intimate.

Most Loved By My Mother: Hugh "He's a family man!" Jackman

Most Loved By My Grandmother: Colm Wilkinson [original Valjean and current Bishop.]

Most Loved By Me, To the Point That If They Made Up A New Song Called Enjolras Rips His Shirt Off, Not a Grumble Would Have Escaped My Lips About Keeping the Artistic Integrity of the Show: Aaron Tveit

We were incapable of judging the movie on its own merits without comparing it to every other version of Les Mis, ever. My favorite cast is still the 25th anniversary tour. Lindsay's is still the 25th anniversary concert– not because of Alfie Boe and his Jesus eyes, but because it involves Nicholas Jerry Jonas. [When I woke up at 10 this morning, she was googling/ogling Nick Jonas. It is now 10 at night. She is still watching clips of Nick Jonas.]

Overall Worst Rendition of One Day More: The Simpson Sisters, who only know about 40% of the lyrics but still break out in this song once every half hour. we will nip it in the bud!

Overall Best Rendition of Red and Black: The Simpson Sisters... ft. Nick Jonas. "Love is deaf."

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  1. Les Aaron Tviet.
    That was the movie I saw.

    Also, I'm super hoping that the number I have to enter right now to prove I'm not a robot will be 24601. Can you even imagine??