Sunday, February 10, 2013

life without social media

is awesome, and something I would highly recommend.

Obviously, I'm still blogging so it's not like I pulled a Thoreau or anything.
But since I'm not on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, or a smart phone to begin with– it's like kind of, I did.

Mostly, not being connected to social media is just a license to be uncool. I can be as lame as I want because there is no one to impress, and no one to say whether I am awesome or not. I love that my conversations never start with, "Did you see that thing on facebook?" I love that. It feels so real. Like, yeah, everyone else is being super witty and social and good-looking and fun and I couldn't care less– because it's not a competition. I'm out of the running.

I feel like I went from having 8 million casual friends to 8 actual friends. It's soooo good. I love when people go out of their way for me, and I love going out of my way for other people. I love having to coordinate phone calls or Google hangouts because LOOK AT US! We are worth that minor inconvenience to each other! I love lengthy email threads. I love being a nobody with 8 good friends.

(The minor inconvenience factor is also how I rationalize that blogging counts as internet friendship. Because leaving comments? It's soooo hard! You have to enter that code that seriously gets more impossible to see every time you want to post something. So yeah. Blogs count.)

Living at home is teaching me lots about real life. Getting up for work every morning. The extensive babysitting jobs. Family life. Being responsible. Consistent. Early to bed. Children do not actually hate me! That kind of stuff.

It's a little isolating, sometimes– knowing that yes, there is a loop and you are definately outside of it. But once you stop caring, you start being happy. Not that I didn't enjoy my college life immensely, but there's a deep, resonating kind of happiness that comes from the contentment of being ordinary. That's what I think. Like, on paper my life is crazy dull, but every day this week I had a story funny enough to bring my mother to tears. I hate overusing the word real, but that's how my life feels right now. It's so real. and it's so good.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I really like being home. I'm glad we moved to Kentucky. I like it, and I like that I like it. There's nothing I love more than doing boring things with enthralling people. And Tyler, Tori, Megan– they're so enthralling. When I wrote that I was living in my parents' basement and my life was grand, I know it sounded sarcastic but it wasn't. My life is good in a solid, earthy, grounded kind of way. I'm so in love with it.

And also, I hate facebook.


  1. I love this.

    The only time I have truly done this was when I lived in Jerusalem. No facebook, no cell phone, nothing. Just emailing a few people sometimes. It was the best.

  2. ALSO, I'm glad you kept the blog. Seriously.

  3. Props. I have been unable to cut the Pinterest cord (mostly because I was recently called as Camp Director and am in desperate need of ideas for....everything.) I'm legit happy that you're happy with life. It's rare and fleeting and precious. And I still want to dine with you pre-MTC. Love from P-town!

    1. YOU WERE CALLED AS CAMP DIRECTOR?!?!?!? omg that is the best thing I have ever heard. Those girls are the luckiest. I seriously wish I could come. Good luck preparing, and long live Ryan Gosling memes.

  4. Seriously though, those blog comment robot detectors are the worst. Sometimes I have to hit the little handicap man because I'm apparently inept and can't read the fake word they're making me read.

  5. Um girl. I am so proud of you! Way to go! No social media! Whoo hoo! Lately I've been feeling like I should cut out/limit it in my life. Like I actually sometimes feel like I HAVE TO check twitter. Isn't that the worst? It's ridiculous and you may have inspired me to change that. Since social media is out-can we have an e-mail catch up session? Or an old fashion phone call? Let me know! Miss you!

  6. Haha I love it!! I completely believe in no social media as well! Except I also blog, but I like your rational behind that about having to enter random words to prove your not a computer.