Friday, October 14, 2011

My life is defined by a series of very narrow misses.

Once upon a time, 17-year old Lauren saw this boy on the Hollywood round of American Idol, about to perform "Heaven."

Saw him smile and knew he was a keeper. 
EVEN before I heard him sing or knew he was Mormon.
Completely convinced my AP English class that we were going to end up together. (After all, Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, her short celebrity crush.)

Through the years and other boys, he never really went away. Sophomore year of college we had a wall adorned with pictures of all our missionaries... and this:
My friend Mehlanie added the post-it. A classic touch. Can't remember where the boutonniere came from.

 I've had lots of experiences where friends-of-friends will tell me they know him, or have seen him in Old Navy or the Provo temple. And lots of dreams where we meet on a train or something and end up being really good chums.  I about died when my friend Garrett got to interview him for BYU.

Because despite the whole, 'I'm in college and you're a pop star' thing, we are BASICALLY the same person. For example, my standard cheesy-picture face is always flashing the thumbs-up:

I too love Santa, argyle and ugly sweaters!!

AND I love singing and messy fohawks.

Then came this summer. I had planned out my gig at Stadium of Fire months in advance. I knew if I could just TALK to him for five minutes he would most likely fall in love with me and ask for my number... if not just take me with him on the tour bus. 
 Rocking the press pass. It's a definite perk of the job.
I was so excited to get this interview. I worked all the southern charm I had in me and talked to all the security guards, backup dancers, managers, members of his family in the VIP seating, etc. I had at LEAST 25 different people tell me no. It was so fun, I really wasn't disappointed at all. Ironically, I was oozing out so much charm that I inadvertently got two other dates out of that evening... but they were not with David Archuleta.

 The fact remains that we still have yet to meet.
He showed up to hear Imagine Dragons play in downtown Provo at the beginning of September. I WAS AT THAT CONCERT!!! Seriously, where was I here?!

And he'll be performing in Salt Lake on December 19th. But alas, I will be in Kentucky, where I know no one outside my immediate family. 


I desperately needed a nap; I had an hour before class; It was so nice and warm outside. I settled down on my favorite little hill between the Brimhall Building and the testing center, put on my sunglasses and pulled out my book so people would think I was studying (or at least, that I had started out that way.)

45 minutes later, I find myself on my stomach, sunglasses lying askew in the grass, with my leg projecting out like I was a dog urinating on some local shrubbery. I crack open my eyes just in time to see the boy walking past tilt his head and give me a look that said, "You are kind of strange."
I sat up really quickly because that. boy. was. David. Archuleta. 
Admittedly, I know I wasn't fully awake yet- and I know that the academic road isn't really his thing so the chances he was on campus with a backpack are kind of slim- but SERIOUSLY. I wanted to call out "No, wait! I am normal! I just haven't gotten any sleep in two days!" As if he didn't think I was weird enough already. He was already speeding down the hill to go home. 

Oh, David. Four years later, you are still so my type. And such a good dresser.



  1. I felt the same way about Nick from Backstreet Boys. Even when he got fat, I still loved him. I had fantasies about him blessing the sacrament and giving a talk in church. And I swear I saw him sporting a CTR ring once.
    Someday, maybe.
    Oh, but I did accidentally drive by his house in the Florida Keys. That must count for something.

  2. Lauren--wait, what? You saw David Archuleta? Really? Seriously? Are you pulling my leg? Oh please tell me that you aren't.

    I share your same obsession.
    I love this boy. oh. so. much.

  3. Haha Mary- that is awesome.

    Sarah- all we have to do is something awesome enough to make it on Ellen! She always introduces people to their celeb crushes.

  4. ummm lets change our blog name to "i love david archuleta" and post all about him! I'm obsessed with him too! Did you really see him?! That is SO COOL! Let's please all get on Ellen. I don't mind sharing haha