Thursday, January 5, 2012


Remember this?!?

Today I found out that a requirement for my religion class (LDS Marriage and Family) is the "Law of Harvest Project." 

And I quote:
1.) You are required to grow and maintain the plant during the entire semester from the seed you receive in class or from my office. A healthy plant may receive up to 25 points.
2) You will write a paper outlining the parallels you learned between growing a plant and developing and maintaining a relationship. 

Based on my track record,  I'm already coming up with a slew of potential paper titles. 

"Future Husband, Beware: An in-depth analysis of how my good intentions generally result in disaster or death."

"Dead Hearts are Everywhere: When love and houseplants don't make it through the winter."

"Bad Seeds: Why some relationships aren't worth the effort of keeping alive." 

"Sheri Dew never married, either."

Maybe it's like the Empty Pot story where all the seeds have been cooked, and like young Ping, I will be rewarded for my honesty by becoming the empress of China. 

Although I admit that when monarchy becomes your back-up plan, you know your options aren't looking too hot.


  1. haha I remember doing a young women's project very similar to this... my plant died in less than a week, but I decided to try and spin it anyway so I talked to my YW advisor about how I had learned that faith dies when you don't feed it. Ha.

  2. "Sheri Dew never married, either."

    laughed out loud, that was my FAVVVV

  3. Oh man. I remember that project. You can do it, Lauren!

    Though I do like your title ideas already...