Monday, February 27, 2012

It's That Time of Year

Last Week's LURVE Stats

Wedding receptions attended: 1
Friends who got married: 2
Friends who went FBO: 3
Friends who love tacos: 4
Friends who got engaged: 5
I love first impressions.
Apparently, it was a busy week. It warms my heart to see so many people I love so happy!

Hooray for more love!
Hooray for more bridal showers with scantily-frosted cookies!
Hooray for more beautiful pictures of girls in white dresses!
Hooray for Taco Bell! (Don't overthink this.)

Friday night I was catching up with my dear and hilarious friend Haylee at a local concert. (Her bf was out of town, so Jordan and Jake and I had her all to ourselves!) She made some comment about her significant other that sounded like either "things are serious"or "things are normal"- it was hard to tell which. When I asked for clarification, she emphatically responded,

"Oh my gosh. I would literally throw up if I were engaged!"

I laughed very loudly.

        And then I gave her a bear hug.

Jordan and Haylee: Halloween 2011
Costume: Married Couple
Not dating in real life

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