Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Secret to Being Happy and Single

Step 1.
You think of things you want to do. Anything. Everything.
ie. "This Valentine's Day, I want to snuggle up with someone in a blanket AND I want to go to a real movie theatre to see Channing Tatum the Vow."

Blurry phone picture! I had to prove we weren't kidding about the blanket.
Step 2. 
You go out and you make those things happen.
It isn't rocket science, people.

However, due to the EXCESSIVE number of heart-to-hearts I've had with boys who think they ought to be engaged/married by now but aren't, here's some further insight on the subject:

Ask Yourself: Am I a genuinely weird person?

Answer 1:
"YES!! I live to LARP!"
In this case, congratulations- for we all know this makes you far more likely to repel most people away and quickly attract a spouse who is just as weird as you are. Before your friends and roommates know what's happening, off you will ride into the sunset with your beloved to go settle Catan.

Answer 2:
"Maybe? I have a few quirks but I don't video game until 2 a.m. every night, either. I play soccer/basketball/guitar and I do pretty well in school; on the whole, I'm a functional member of society."

In this case, welcome to the 99%.
The rule is, cool people end up with cool people. I know this because all my high-quality friends married other high-quality individuals. They are young, fun, happy, in love, etc. Things work out.
If YOU are a high-quality person, don't give up. There's a price that comes with being "picky." That price is occasional loneliness or boredom, but don't you start lowering the bar and trying to force things you don't feel. Just because you can date every girl on campus doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea. Keep your head up and do what makes you happy.

When you see weird people get married, let it give you hope! It proves like nothing else can that truly, there is a lid to every pot. Be patient. Fret not. Have fun. If worrying about this was productive, I would say by all means- everybody come to my house for dinner tonight and let's panic about the future!! But really... freaking out won't change your relationship status. So there's no sense in wasting all your time and energy dwelling on it. Things happen when they happen.

Your Mormon-Ad message for today:

And just because I'm in the mood (and because it's killing me that I can't find my ipod ANYWHERE), here's your Kelly Clarkson message for today:

 Chin up, buttercup.


  1. 1. I look like a giant because of the angle.
    2. I love you.
    3. I love that song. It's my anthem. And also this song: Love me for me by Bomshel.

  2. There is a lid for every pot.
    I love that.
    And totally believe in it.