Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Capitol Fourth

Or, "The Time I Took Three Showers in One Day."

Let me throw it out there:
I love America. Unabashedly.
I love that we are a nation with a heritage of idealism instead of genetics. I love American football. I love that we picked such classy colors for a flag. I love that we invented things like country music and escalators. I love that we have at least 9 different biomes JUST in the continental US, and that you can roadtrip them ALL. I can't wait to see our team represent at the Olympics. (I still think "America the Beautiful" should have been our national anthem, but I guess it's a little late for that now.) I love the founding fathers. I've been reading the letters of John and Abigail Adams on the way to work every day; they are fabulous.

Also, I love cornbread. A whole heckofalot. (If you come to D.C., get off the Foggy Bottom metro and get some right away from Devon & Blakely's, on 23rd right before BTS. You will not regret it.)

4th of July in D.C. > 4th of July everywhere else.

Arriving downtown after shower #1, there was a samba band playing. See that guy in the wheelchair? I danced with him and kissed my hand. I choose to believe he was a war vet.

This girl. kills me. Nothing says 'MERICA like three wolves and a flag.

Parade. Lots of Asian floats. The great eagle took a nosedive.
(I pretended like I knew nothing about marching band.)

"Flags! Flags! Flags for a dollar!" Haylee and I were helpless.

Lunch. Shower #2. Rest.

The Jefferson Memorial is my favorite. I like it because it overlooks the water and because it has the best architecture and lots of great quotes that acknowledge God.

Baby, you're a firework.
We walked home. Ate popsicles. And I took shower #3.

I didn't think much could top last year's hot air balloon festival and free front-row tickets to Stadium of Fire where I saw David Archuleta in the flesh [press pass hollah!]
...But that was before I decided to come to D.C.


  1. Seriously I get little baby tears in my eyes whenever I read your blog because I love DC so much. And also because you're funny and adorable.

  2. You need to do Boston 4th sometime. I'm sure DC is amazing, and I'd like to be there (but the HEAT, man...), but Boston really knows how to do it well too. This year mine included the Boston Pops concert, navy boats from the 1700s (with sailors in navy uniforms), and fireworks over the Charles that at one point were set off to the music from Order of the Phoenix when Fred and George light all the fireworks in the Great Hall (best music decision ever).