Thursday, August 9, 2012

20 Things We Love About Lindsay

[This post featuring GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Megan Simpson!]

1. She has the kindest heart. She can't watch March of the Penguins without bursting into tears and running out of the room when the baby penguins don't make it. Same thing goes for The Lamb of God. 
2. When she laughs so hard that she cries and starts speaking in this high-pitched language most people can't understand.
3. Speaking of laughing, her dimples.
4. She singlehandedly carried her Young Women's church basketball team through the season while playing with her left wrist in a cast. (And never rubbed it in to the less-athletically-inclined girls who she had to play with.)
5. The numerous conversations I've had explaining to boys who are intimidated but also in love with her- "It's not her fault she's quiet and pretty." 
6. If given the option, she will always choose sweatpants. Also, she has more T-shirts than anyone else I know.
7. She is the most loyal friend you will ever have. When I think of her circle of friends, I always imagine a carrot patch. It's not huge, and her roots run deep.
8. She is the best student at BYU. She never talks about it, but it's true.
9. She has a beautiful singing voice and can play like 5 different instruments- another thing she won't brag about.
10. She loves helping her friends shop and afterwards exclaiming, "I am never spending money again!"
11. Her favorite food is still candy. Although she also has a big thing for butternut squash.
12. Her hips don't lie: she is a fabulous dancer. In a couple years she'll probably be teaching your zumba class. Plus, as a seasoned veteran of sports camps, she can throw it down like nobody's business.
13. She is the best intramural soccer player out there- and she never even played in high school.
14. She is the bomb at directing music videos.
15. She is the MASTER of Disney Channel. We're 95% confident she knows the lyrics to every Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers song ever written.
16. If you are ever making posters for anything, she is the one to call.
17. Her ability to lay out for hours on end is truly legendary. I'm sweating just thinking about it.
18. She makes really good hashbrowns.
19. To this day she is convinced that she is never going to die, but that instead she is going to live right up until the Second Coming.
20. She is so good with kids. In just a few days she's going to Thailand to help those little guys learn English; she's going to be so good at it and have so much fun!!

Happy 20th Birthday, Linds! We sure love you. 

And now, please enjoy (in no particular order) 25 pictures from your childhood. 
Because these kill me, and I just didn't have the heart to narrow it down to 20. 

Hahaha remember Mara and the boomerang??

Cutest soccer player you ever saw. 
We thought book covers were so cool.
Labrador Retrievers for Dummies.

Fishing with Grandma at the Farm. 
This one is my favorite. 

Ready with Fruit Loops for church. 
Matching dresses, Mexico City.
Goodbye, Van!

Baptism Day.
In your favorite All Star soccer shirt.

This one is my other favorite. 

Dance recital: Toy Soldier

Playing dress-up at the Farm.  
Rainstorm in Callie. That wagon. 
Mara and Lindsay, now keeping the style alive at BYU. 

Love you like crazy. 

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