Saturday, January 12, 2013

No, but seriously, What Is Love?

This cutesy little phrase pops up occasionally on pinterest and it's been haunting me. 

Not in a good way [like 'haunting' song lyrics], but more of an Are you kidding me???  kind of way.

Love comes softly? What does that even MEAN?
That's something you say in movies when oh no! You didn't hit it off with this one guy because both your personalities are too strong but then you become friends and grow and change and THEN you fall in love and adopt an aboriginal child together.

But that fairytale is deceptive because actually, the man in question is Hugh Jackman so actually, you WERE super into him all along. Nice try, "shirtless Australians aren't my type." Liar.

Besides, if I get to have a fairytale movie romance, it's going to be the instant-soulmate hit-and-run kind of a deal. Day 1: Intense eye contact! Day 2: Marriage! Nothing unpleasant will ever happen to us again!  That is the type of stable, well-planned monogamy I would enjoy.

And, I feel like I'm still young and naive and idealistic enough to root for that, to an extent. I'm sooo tired of hearing how any two good people can "make it work." Because OBVS I could make it work.  This morning I made my outfit work. Last night I made the dvd player work. I can make anything "work." Unless there are multiple remotes, because in that case I am rendered entirely helpless– but you catch my drift. I can buy the whole "friends first" thing because I've only seen it happen 5,000,000 times. But even then, let's not forget that "slowly" and "softly" are two different adverbs.

so sometimes love isn't firecrackers? 
Um, well yeah. It better not be. I'm not planning on blowing my lifelong happiness on some lame firecrackers. Talk about cheap. And not even that exciting. Not good for young children and not good for love metaphors, either.
Personally, I'm expecting the whole darn Stadium of Fire. I want it complete with the big band patriotic set list and golden glitter falling so close to my face that it's practically singeing my eyebrows off. The kind of love that is strong and consistent enough that you can't help but relive it every time you close your eyes, and hear its echo like a shadow of thunder long after the words were spoken.
Because if it ISN'T? then... what's the point? 

Thanks, Katherine Heigl. That looks really fun, except actually it doesn't because you are not even smiling.


  1. Haha this is brilliant! (I try to use 'brilliant' as often as possible so people think I may have been British in another life) Anyway, this haunts me on Pintrest too and I'm so glad you've addressed it!

  2. Love this post. I seriously always get a little bit of excitement whenever I see you've posted because your posts are just so great.